Contact is open 24/7/365 for your browsing, reading, and shopping fun. However, I have to sleep, eat, and all those other things humans have to do, so I do take days off. 

Robyn of Robyn A Harton Creative plus a slab of Jet :) 

The Office / Studio is normally open Monday through Friday, and closed on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and postal holidays. See the Office/Studio Calendar (opens in a new window) for any other closings. Communications will be returned during office hours. 

Please use the form to contact me. That is the best way to get in touch. It never sleeps. :)

AOL users please note: I often can not email to email addresses due to someone at my web host or gmail spamming AOL. If you want a reply, it is best to use an alternate email address.

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Phone number is for Issues regarding orders that have already been placed & related business only. I can not discuss crystal meanings, healing lore, or orders not yet placed, by phone, though I will be happy to email or text based chat about them.

No orders are taken by phone. All orders must be placed and paid for online via shopping cart, or by emailing to use Stripe, PayPal, Square, US Check, or Postal Money Order for payment. This improves security by reducing the number of entities that ever have access to your credit card/payment information.

No unsolicited telephone solicitation or sales calls of any kind by phone or fax. No exceptions. 


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Please note that crimes reported to Robyn A Harton Creative will be forwarded to the proper authorities. (Yes, oddly enough, I've had that happen. *blinkblink*) 


Personal note about phone calls: I do not handle audio input very well, so talking on the phone normally does not work well. I am so visually oriented that I do not even hear sound in my dreams. I feel like I owe it to you to be available by phone for orders which have already been placed, though, and will do my very best for you. It is usually most beneficial, however to use email. I apologize for my shortcoming in this area.